Like for Like – new season

Like for Like is an ongoing photo project I’ve been working on since 2016. It comes out of my own need to see other brown and Black faces in a largely white population. I used this collection in the films I produced for Supporting Schools in Challenging Racism/Cefnogi Ysgolion I Herio Hiliaeth. The films are currently on restricted access for teachers. However, you can see a selection from Like for Like here:

Please see – new site for continuation of MA P/T Year 1 work

Art712 Research Methods and Application

Now that ‘Stay Local’ has been lifted, we can roam a bit. This inevitably means more people and different places for my camera’s eye to take in. And so, this photo-series is called People! (And Places) because although I do get out and about for work purposes during lockdown, and work with people, I don’t have that unfocused eye that comes with being not in work mode. And although work is all about filming and photographing people (and places) too, this is a different headspace where I am not looking for specific things to happen and capture, but being led by the nose – seeing what occurs. There is a sense of fascination and unease at being back out in the real world with more people in further places. Photography under these circumstances helps me process, stay grounded and be less overwhelmed than I might be. It’s literally a different kind of focus.

The images are a mixture of colour and black and white depending on whether the colour is helping to tell the story of the picture or not. If it isn’t it is discarded and the image goes to black and white.

Jim’s Ices All Events Catered For
Like for Like (New Season)
Human Behaviour I
Man & Boy
Human Behaviour II
The Bravery of Swimmers
Human Behaviour III
In the Shadows of the Black Lion
Conwy Jackdaws Rule This Place
Wall-Walkers I
Wall-Walkers II
Pobl Yn Y Castell/People At The Castle
Wall-Walkers III/Like for Like New Season
Young People Outside What was the Hotel 70 Degrees
Boys on Bikes I
Boys on Bikes II
Child with Tyres

TikTok for Old People II

TikTok club for the young people has been going well – we’ve made TikToks about various equality issues, include race; LGBTQ and hidden disabilities: ableism. All the work so far has been carried out remotely due to being on lockdown. Excitingly though we have our next live session next week! Can’t wait…

And so next up is to make a documentary together about the process and about the fact that Black history is about to become mandatory in the new curriculum for Wales (2022). Meanwhile here’s a couple of experimental TikToks I made for the project:

Where Are You From??

Art712 Research Methods and Application – Portreadau

Portreadau (Portraits) – I don’t do much portrait photography but this set is really about my ongoing fascination with fading light. As ever, this was an exercise in technique – and the constant learning curve of chasing light on manual settings.

Ground Luminosity – not quite the right settings as the light is too yellow
Bathe in Reflected Glory – better more accurate colour representation
Demonic – under-exposed but I like it
Reaching Balance – better. I like the continuation of the hill line behind me extending from its reflection on the picture across the wall
Fiery – underexposed again but still I like the amount of black in the composition
Bathe in Reflected Glory II
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